Portfolio statement T300 F del 06 February 2015

As is known, we are in a period of high volatility with strong downward fluctuations and sudden as unexpected flare-rise. Were therefore made some changes to the calculation of the currency series T300 so that the algorithm is concerned to control volatility, what is produced by the
neural network, the percentage of controlled volatility produces variations on the algorithm of calculation produced on the Cartesian and angular deviations arising
by the increase in volatility,

Analysis Period cross EUR-USD Exchange rates Calculation series T300

T300 RAs known to users of the Calculation Exchange rates T300 series, the main signal of decline over the medium term was provided in July 2014 to share 1,3470. The market in recent months has brought on intermediate supports, first place in area 1,2500, level from which rebounded up to 1,2880, This downward movement took to realize 10 figure ( about 1000 Only ) little less than 5 months. In December, we have witnessed an acceleration of the movement, in fact little more than a month we have gone from a max ( calculated from T300 to 1,2550/70 ) to a minimum to make the 24.01.15 place to share 1,1105 , equal to a 21% downside from the main signal of the euro against the dollar 21%. […]