Portfolio statement T300 F del 06 February 2015

As is known, we are in a period of high volatility with strong downward fluctuations and sudden as unexpected flare-rise. Were therefore made some changes to the calculation of the currency series T300 so that the algorithm is concerned to control volatility, what is produced by the
neural network, the percentage of controlled volatility produces variations on the algorithm of calculation produced on the Cartesian and angular deviations arising
by the increase in volatility,
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this indicates appropriate spread or closures loss when movement contrary to that acquired entity is estimated important, then
in particular situations the calculation can produce the stop reverse ( stop and reversal of position or twice the position taken in the opposite direction )
All that is visible in the statements, it is obvious that an expert system takes advantage of the volatility with mechanisms such, in the budget to get this advantage will
must include some loss is inevitable in these market phases. Important is that the equity of the account will grow at a rate of mkt.

in the picture the report of the last two weeks on the calculation of the T300-F System.

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(Calculation made with currency provided with a dynamic interface that can provide signals for a semi-automatic calculation of capital 3 milioni di euro con una linea max di 300 milioni di euro . ( leads 1/100 sul capitale versato, margin call 100%).

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