Hazard of the operation Forex

Surely the operation Forex can be compared between operations “risky”. The term risky is the fact that these operations can produce a gain or a loss, therefore are not comparable with operations such as a repo that guarantees a certain, se pur bassa, return on capital. For a long time the Banks and Investment Funds play on the term risk, labeling operations with high profit as risky, but at the same time it's weird how to conduct collection and part of it is placed in the Forex market. […]

Possibiliità di perdere il capitale

To answer this question should be asked the following premise: Forex lines are generated at major banks or brokers in the face of a paid-up capital to guarantee called collateral. A front side of this, multiplied by a leverage, is assigned by the Bank Forex lender a line to the Beneficiary of the current account. Therefore, the money that you work with is the Bank's lender and not the Beneficiary; for that reason, the Bank protects itself with a clear contract with the beneficiary, contract that provides for a Margin Call, in gergo parliamo della massima perdita accordata prima della chiusura d’ufficio della posizione perdente. Quindi ad ex. per ogni milione di euro depositato vengono erogati 100 milioni di Euro con leva, the margin could never be 100 milioni di Euro perchè è una cifra non versata dal Beneficiario alla Banca.