Possibiliità di perdere il capitale

To answer this question should be asked the following premise: le linee Forex si generano presso primari Istituti Bancari o Broker a fronte di un capitale versato a garanzia chiamato collaterale. A front side of this, multiplied by a leverage, is assigned by the Bank Forex lender a line to the Beneficiary of the current account. Therefore, the money that you work with is the Bank's lender and not the Beneficiary; for that reason, the Bank protects itself with a clear contract with the beneficiary, contract that provides for a Margin Call, in gergo parliamo della massima perdita accordata prima della chiusura d’ufficio della posizione perdente. Quindi ad ex. per ogni milione di euro depositato vengono erogati 100 milioni di Euro con leva, the margin could never be 100 milioni di Euro perchè è una cifra non versata dal Beneficiario alla Banca.

In general, the maximum risk assumed, ossia il Margin Call, is agreed between the Bank and the Beneficiary and can be considered among the 10% and 30% Collateral paid, said so in our example the 10-30% di un milione. In Sintesa, the percentage of maximum risk is the margin call and is selected and determined by the Beneficiary prior to the operation, the Bank takes charge to apply. With regard to this question, visualizzando attentamente i nostri report si capisce che nell’operatività si acquisiscono piccoli profit e piccoli loss ( 0,30%0,50% that are far above those from the margins of the 10-30%), in this way the risk of loss is extremely limited.

L’importante è notare che sul numero complessivo delle operations i loss sono limitati numericamente e come entità son pari ai profit. Therefore, effettuando una somma algebrica di profit e loss per il numero delle operations, è evidente il profitto statistico complessivo perchè il numero dei profit sovrasta i loss ( profit 90%-loss 10% ). Also, as you will see by the size of transaction volumes, rarely used the full leverage, on average, it uses the 20 to the 50%.

A garanzia dell’operatività esistono strumenti quali stop loss, stop reverse, stop level and take profit che vengono forniti nelle information exchange ogni volta che si assume un’operazione. In addition, the Borrower may terminate the operation at any time. Do not forget that the profit and loss account in entering the real-time so you know the extent of the gains and losses in real time, come i nostri report statistici testimoniano.

In Sintesa, the Beneficiary knows what grows your account in real time, the Beneficiary has the right to perform or not to perform the operations. We as Advisor we are not informed on the execution of operations, for we are all performed. Mention the new operations carried out with the aforementioned electronic platforms: now the main banks using this automated system that allows the trader to transfer with one click buy or sell product information received in real time by the Advisor.

This system is actually present on any of the world currency market currency trading in a second, on the platform by setting the quantity to transact, after the execution of the platform will monitor the operation set by the Beneficiary or by Trader, calculating market to market the profit or loss and the margin call of the open position.

Sempre nella piattaforma possono essere impostati i limiti della posizione sia in stop loss che in take profit. The Beneficiary, connecting to the Bank's website and entering your chosen password, potrà monitorare in tempo reale il suo estratto conto e rendersi conto dell’andamento del suo conto valutario. The profits made are immediately balancing item which becomes available after the balance 2 Days currency.

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