EUR / USD analysis of the medium term by

copy-logoduna1.jpgMIDDLE TIME EUR/USD : The development of the calculation currency product in days 25.07.2014 and confirmed the 27.07.14, provided the reversal point of the bearish signal to share 1,3470, have already had confirmations to share 1,2750 ( S1) , a 1,2500 (S2) , a 1,1800 (S3). Currently we are down between the level S3 and S4, the latter place to share 1,04, After this threshold, the market will proceed for equality, in fact, the S5 is placed in 0,9990, the next support is
calculated 0,9200/50, while the final movement in anticipation for the end of summer 2016 is placed into the box 0,8200/50.
The bearish move will have a duration of more than 2 years and will reduce the value of the cross eur / usd from 1,3470 about 0,82, about 64%, ovviamente nell’ultima parte della discesa, one involving the breaking 30 figure, you can attend to new lows followed by rebounds bullish also important.
Pay close attention to the increase in volatility, measure out the leverage and cover the positions from possible movements against.

Nota bene :
In the image graph with levels, remember that having levels of current movement is not a guarantee of profit, only the expert system that generated levels knows the best how to behave on the market, what to avoid nasty mishaps. The calculation of middle time is released before the activation of QE , scheduled from next week.

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