New Series products Trading System T200 series

In response to changing conditions of liquidity of the currency market, steps were taken, exploiting the algorithm present in the series T300, to create a new product with a capital deposit of € 2.000.000,00 , the same was named T200 . The trading system T200 faints product in the automatic version "T200R" and in the semi-automatic version "T200F" . In order to present to all customers new products is hereby given that the new price list is available for the commercial and updating of the technical characteristics of all computing systems products , including the new series T200. […]


TRADING SYSTEM T200 provides operational information on the forex market, using a computing system capable of providing point of open, buy o sell, stop loss, target, line seizure. The system described is well suited to operations carried out through currency platform, il Trading System T200 è l’unico che fornisce il peso dell’operazione espresso in milioni di euro o dollari, making really be replicated with the same proven and tangible results. […]

EUR / USD analysis of the medium term by

copy-logoduna1.jpgMIDDLE TIME EUR/USD : The development of the calculation currency product in days 25.07.2014 and confirmed the 27.07.14, provided the reversal point of the bearish signal to share 1,3470, have already had confirmations to share 1,2750 ( S1) , a 1,2500 (S2) , a 1,1800 (S3). Currently we are down between the level S3 and S4, the latter place to share 1,04, After this threshold, the market will proceed for equality, in fact, the S5 is placed in 0,9990, the next support is
calculated 0,9200/50, while the final movement in anticipation for the end of summer 2016 is placed into the box 0,8200/50. […]