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copy-logoduna1.jpgIn data 25 September 2014 the violation occurred stable share 1,2740, if the same will be confirmed with falling prices in the market share 1,2610 will see an expansion of the fall that will have as intermediate supports share 1.2500/30, second level of support place to 1,2300/30, third level of support place to 1,2000/50. The triangle 1) represents the portion of the current mkt, triangle 2) defines the minimum target, Figure number three defines the excursion time with various intermediate supports above said. The red dotted line is the level of violation that prices should have to have the downward movement described above. The purple line defines the inclination, then the intensity of the volumetric motion short.

Chart_EUR_USD_Weekly_snapshot 27.09.14

In reference to the calculation on the cross currency eur / usd, rendered in graphic form the 25.09.14, it should be noted that the market in the cross said on 26.09.14 di fatto è sceso stabilmente sotto quota 1,2740, closure produced in area 1,2680. The above written, in the absence of stable recovery dimension 1,2740 and over, opens downward extension of calculated data 25.09.14 and Vs. possession of the same date .

The extension that is confirmed by passing downward share 1,2610 market prices, were found cheating will be likely the descent towards the targets listed in the chart sent .
The signal prevailing market remains bearish, rebounds upward content 50/100 tik nonetheless confirm the trend in progress, only variations of bullish 250/300 tik temporarily reverse the main trend.
Carefully monitor the levels above and behave accordingly.
Nota bene:
remember that having levels of current movement is not a guarantee of profit, only the expert system that generated levels knows the best how to behave on the market, ciò per non incorrere in poco piacevoli situazioni.

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