TRADING SYSTEM T500 fornisce informazioni operative sul mercato forex, using a computing system capable of providing point of open, buy o sell, stop loss, target, line seizure. The system described is well suited to operations carried out through currency platform, il Trading System T500 è l’unico che fornisce il peso dell’operazione espresso in milioni di euro o dollari, making really be replicated with the same proven and tangible results. Forex T500In this regard it is clarified that the trading system works on the currency market with a line of 300 million euro achievable with a paid up capital of 5.000.000 of euro using the leverage of up to 60 times the paid-up capital.

The operation is carried out on platform currency in which the information is passed to open / close, take profit/stop loss; <HTML><HEAD><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8"> <TITLE>302 Moved</TITLE></HEAD><BODY> <H1>302 Moved</H1> The document has moved <A HREF="">here</A>. </BODY></HTML> . In the ways described the potential user reaches, follow the signs, the same results of the trading system.

To take advantage of the information of T500 is required to pay a monthly fee currency.

For pricing, periods in excess of contractual stipulations, lines forex superior entity, allocation of a password, demo in real Time, fill in the following form:

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