Margin trading forex

A margin deposit is not, as many negotiators believe, a cash payment for the purchase of shares mercato.Un margin, in effects, is a guarantee, or some sort of escrow, which guarantees protection against losses during a negotiation. It allows traders to open positions with amounts much higher than the chance of your account and, thus increases their purchasing power. Bank and brokerage firms offer margins of up to 1% (o leverage 1:100), which means that you can check on the real market a deposit of 100 times its own deposit. In this way the effect is that the loss of the gain are multiplied. For this purpose they serve Advisors , that with their professionalism, reduce losses to gains, normally for this service is paid by the Beneficiary Account of the same currency the Advisor an annual fee currency . Loris Tiberi Consulting in qualità di Advisor di diversi Istituti Bancari , operates with a minimum paid by the Beneficiary on his own account of currency 3 million, maximum leverage applied is equal to 50 volte il capitale versato e genera una linea forex of 150 million, the annual fee is equal to currency 2% of the maximum value of the line forex assigned . The annual foreign exchange fee is adjusted by the Beneficiary to the extent of the Advisor 50% of its value at the inception of the contract between the parties and the remaining 50% will be paid in six months from the date of signing the contract fee currency , all profits net of losses will be the sole responsibility of the Beneficiary and will be paid to 2 gg. currency between the carrying amount and currency available in the account of the Beneficiary. It, during trading, the funds in the account fall below the agreed margin, your positions will be closed automatically without prior notice. Using this system, the customer's account can never be discovered, even in volatile market conditions and changing. The formula for calculating margins is as follows: (Balance conto + Profit / Loss) : Open Position = Margin Positions renewable (swap). In order to ensure greater transparency and unlike any other online broker, we have designed a full explanation of maintenance costs applied on behalf of the market or the customer on open positions held overnight. This overnight cost is presented in the form of flat-rate value, charged / credited to the customer's account. This process ensures extracts extremely understandable and greater transparency of execution, since the original price of the position entered by the customer will not be changed.

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